• Longevity - In business since 1931
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair
  • $250,000 of authentic replacement parts in inventory
  • We have the BEST safety rating available
Calibration Services

J.P. Bowlin is now your “Single Source” for calibration of all your scale and measurement equipment. As a quality driven Calibration Company we have provided calibration and repair for all types of weighing and measurement products since 1931.

Embedded Calibration Team
October 11, 2018

We are now embedded at multiple customers in the DFW area.  These customers save money by outsourcing their calibrations to us.  They use our ISO, our labor and, in some cases, our standards, and they don’t have to hire a team of people or buy their own standards.  We basically manage their calibrations for them
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2,000 EasyCal Calibration Agreements in Texas
October 4, 2018

We just surpassed 2,000 EasyCal calibration agreements in Texas!  As a single source calibration provider, our EasyCal calibration agreement program saves our customers time and money by having us manage all calibrations. The EasyCal program handles a wide range of devices, industries and locations. Priority Service and Support – You will have our highest priority
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Thurman Scales In The Middle of Nowhere
September 27, 2018

We set a Thurman truck scale with a Texas crane in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to our hardworking crew for all they do, and thanks to their families for sacrificing so our team can make it happen any time!

Why Customers Choose Us

We could tell you about our years of experience, our outstanding customer service and our ability to offer you unique, money-saving solutions.  But, we would rather have our satisfied customers tell you themselves…

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