Free Minebea Intec Industrial Printer with Purchase

November 17, 2017

Special Offer through the end of 2017 on Minebea Intec Signum Complete Scales – Free Minebea Intec Industrial Printer with Purchase!

The Signum industrial scale from Minebea Intec is a compact industrial scale in which a choice of two powerful technologies is used: SIWR and SIWA models work with a strain-gauge type load cell; the high-resolution SIWS models feature monolithic weigh cells based on electromagnetic force compensation. The Signum offers exceptional performance features and is a very easy-to-operate industrial scale. It is extremely rugged and resistant, and perfectly adapts to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment.

The Signum is highly customizable and configurable, and other options are available; please contact us with your specifics, and we can customize this scale to fit your needs. With a Signum industrial scale, anything is possible: pick and choose your level of applications and different resolutions, and enjoy the benefits of a wide variety of interfaces and options. The Signum is a compact scale built exactly the way you want it – without compromises.

Purchase a Minebea Intec Signum Complete Scale (SIWR, SIWA or SIWS) by 12.31.17, and receive a free Minebea Intec industrial printer YDP 21. 

Minebea Intec Logo Added to Previously Branded Sartorius Products

November 13, 2017

The new Minebea Intec logo looks good on the equipment that was previously branded as Sartorius in their high precision industrial weighing line.  The re-branding process is close to being completed, so if you are looking for a high precision Sartorius industrial scale, load cell or indicator, look for a Minebea Intec product instead

Combics Industrial Scale Now with a Measuring Accuracy of 60,000 Increments

October 16, 2017
All-new precision: The Combics industrial scale with a measuring accuracy of 60,000 increments

A new resolution level of 60,000 d is set to enhance the Combics industrial scales product range of Minebea Intec with immediate effect. By offering this extra level of precision, the global provider of industrial weighing and inspection technologies is specifically aiming to respond to the increasing quality standards of the food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and logistics industries. Users of these products can therefore expect to benefit not only from less production waste, but also from more reliable processes.

Expanded areas of application for increased efficiency

With its high resolution of up to 60,000 increments, the Combics industrial scale is ideal for complying with even the smallest of tolerances, for example when measuring out very precise doses of liquids or powders. “Going forward, it will be possible to register products down to the weight of a peppercorn, which is sure to mean significant improvements in product quality,” explains Christoph Messner, Product Manager for New Products and Industrial Scales at Minebea Intec. For all applications such as filling, counting, manual formulation, individual weighing and checkweighing, aspects such as production waste and cost can be minimized through the use of a single scale, as the new precision level extends the range of application and thereby optimizes the entire process.

Renowned for durability, reliability and flexibility

“Our Combics complete scale was this year’s winner of Weighing Review magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award. The Combics has been a huge success and that’s largely down to its flexibility and quality,” explains Christoph Messner. “Increasing theresolution to 60,000 d was the logical next step to take in the development of our successful industrial scales series, bridging the gap in our range of high-precision weighing technologies.” With its three performance levels, the Combics can be combined in a whole host of different ways and individually adapted to suit customer requirements. This flexibility is afforded thanks to a wide selection of platforms and accessories including printers, roller conveyors, benches, pit frames and drive-on ramps.

All industrial scales from Minebea Intec have been developed to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards in a robust design for industrial applications.

Using a Custom Batching System to Store Recipes

October 11, 2017

A customer who makes additives for construction materials approached us looking for a better way to perform their blending in tanks.  They currently use a manual batching process with tanks mounted on load cells, and they want to keep it that way for flexibility, but they need to eliminate the possibility of operators adding incorrect ingredients to recipes in order to avoid poor quality or scrapped batches.

Our solution is a custom batching system that stores recipes for all of their unique additive blends.  The Rice Lake 1280 indicator prompts the operator with step by step instructions once a recipe is selected.  The ingredient asked for must be scanned with a wireless scan gun and accepted by the indicator before the operator can proceed.  Once the ingredient is accepted, the indicator controls a pump to allow the correct amount of each ingredient to go into the tank.  The instrument keeps track of quantities of ingredients added as well as the total net weight of the finished batch.  Reports for each batch can be printed showing weights for each one.  We are currently testing the program, and we plan to complete the installation as soon as testing is complete.

We love challenges!  Contact us with your special applications!

Profiles of Success – Mayra Gonzalez

October 4, 2017

For almost a year and a half, Mayra Gonzalez has served as JP Bowlin’s AMAZING Office Administrator. She handles tasks from answering the phones to assisting management; she manages all clerical responsibilities from closing out service requests to logging technicians’ timesheets. She also takes care of all payments, collections and petty cash reconciliation. Mayra orders supplies, deals with all expiring and new service agreements (and even quotes and sells these) and updates customer information as needed. She also emails calibration certificates to our customers, enters and provides contract customers with access to the certificate retrieval systems, updates work order reports, assists technicians with forms and attends to any and all customer requests. As if she’s not busy enough, she provides great customer service with a smile.

Mayra finds the most rewarding part of her job to be the feeling of accomplishment. Knowing that “there are so many things to complete to ensure that the office personnel and customers are all taken care of while expectations are met, that when I step back to look at the big picture, I realize that because of my commitment, tasks got done! The satisfaction of knowing that my grain of salt contributed feels GREAT!” While being an Office Administrator is challenging enough (just look at the aforementioned list of responsibilities), Mayra finds that unexpected assignments often cause time constraints with her daily routine. Her solution is to identify the importance and urgency of each and to prioritize accordingly.

Mayra is defined by her flexibility – she rolls with the punches and is able to handle anything coming her way by adapting and improvising, her organization and follow-through attitude – by staying organizing and prioritizing her tasks, everything is completed in a timely manner; quite simply if something is assigned to her, she completes it, and her overwhelming optimism – as the first customer contact whether on the phone or in person, she excels at putting people at ease with her natural positivity and warm demeanor, and she always retains a “happy face” regardless of how she feels on the inside.

Outside of the office, Mayra enjoys spending time with her kids Carlos and Zayra, who she affectionately references as the two little people who make her world go round. On her “me” time, she crafts, tries new recipes and reads.

Thanks again for all you do for us Mayra!

Lloyd Instruments Introduces LD Series

September 29, 2017

Lloyd Instruments has introduced the LD Series: five new, cost-effective machines to its line of universal test machines for materials testing up to 100 kN. These powerful universal test machines are suited for testing a wide range of materials, such as plastic, rubber, packaging, metal and wood.

The LD5 universal test machine is ideal for materials testing up to 5 kN; the LD10 version is suited for testing up to 10 kN; the LD30 is for materials testing up to 30 kN; and the LD50 and LD100 has it covered for material tests all the way up to 50 and 100 kN.

All of the machines feature a large working area that is 452 mm wide and a crosshead travel of 1070 mm that is extendable to 1669 mm. This provides the machines with the flexibility for complex testing of small- or medium-sized samples, as well as for heavy-duty testing on large samples.

With their rugged design, LD Series test machines are built for long life and reliable operation. In addition, the LD Series offers an advanced electrical design with a modern AC drive and preloaded ball screws to ensure better speed and displacement accuracy. A high stiffness frame helps prevent frame deflection and crosshead movement, while the use of pancake load cells improves accuracy at the cross axis and increases work area.

The new LD test machines are designed for ease of use. They help automate testing, reduce costs and save time. A CANBUS interface provides fast, accurate communication between the LD Series test machine and such add-on accessories as extensometers and temperature chambers.

LD Series test machines are supplied with the NEXYGENPlus analysis software, which makes advanced analysis and reporting quick and simple to perform. An extensive library of pre- programmed test setups ensures error-free testing, while built-in test wizards guide users through advanced customized test setups.
Test results can be automatically exported directly into Microsoft® Word or Excel using user-defined corporate templates or pre-defined NEXYGENPlus templates for analysis and reporting.

Video and still capture provide additional analysis features that allow users to examine a product after a test has been carried out. Large graphs display test results in an easy-to-read setup, and users are able to follow the test results live on the screen. Clear colour marking separates good and bad test results for easy Go / No go decisions.

Unique to the Lloyd Instruments test machines is the All Inclusive concept. That means all LD Series modules available for use with the built-in NEXYGENPlus software are included in the price. This offers users the flexibility to perform reliable testing adherent to a wide selection of international standards.

In addition, a simple change of grips enables the modular LD Series test machines to meet any testing needs regardless of industry, material or test type. An extensive range of easily interchangeable load cells, grips, extensometers, temperature chambers and other accessories are available. Custom grips also can be precision made on request for specific applications.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Lloyd Instrument universal test machines are CE approved and built to last for decades.

Minebea Intec’s PR 6212 is NTEP approved and FM approved

September 13, 2017

The new PR 6212 compression load cell from Minebea Intec (previously Sartorius) is a state of the art addition to their tank and hopper lineup that works for nearly any vessel application calling for load cells with capacities of up to 22,000 lbs per tank leg.  They are NTEP approved for legal for trade applications and FM approved for intrinsically safe applications.  There are special epoxy coated versions that offer maximum corrosion resistance which makes them suitable for chemical, food or other harsh industries.  There are also special high temperature versions available which can be used for applications with temperatures up to 180C.  With the Class C1 accuracy of 0.04%, a 15 year warranty and the PR 6012 mounting kits with lift-off protection that make installation quick and easy, you can see why the PR 6212 is leading its class.

Contact the experts at JP Bowlin to learn about Minebea Intec’s (formerly Sartorius) load cell and indicator offering for vessels and silos.

Two Successful Emery Winslow Hydraulic Truck Scale Installs in Two Weeks

May 19, 2017

Two Emery Winslow Hydraulic truck scale installs in two weeks!  Let’s hope we can keep up this pace.  This one was installed at a food production facility in Grand Prairie, TX.  We got to use our new test truck with a NIST traceable weight cart on this install.  Using the cart cut our calibration time down by more than half!

Another Successful Emery Winslow Hydraulic Truck Scale Install

May 12, 2017

The JP Bowlin Team just wrapped up another Emery Winslow hydraulic truck scale installation.  We did it quickly and with no delays, but most importantly with no accidents.  At JP Bowlin safety comes first, 100% of the time.

JP Bowlin Provides Scale for Record Breaking Chocolate Truffle

April 24, 2017
Congratulations Sweet Shop USA! JP Bowlin is proud to have provided the scale used to measure Sweet Shop USA’s Guinness Book of World Records‘ largest chocolate truffle. The chocolate truffle, measuring 2,368 lbs., 3’5’ tall and 12’2” in diameter, breaks the prior record held by Micro Della Vecchia, Andrea Andrighetti, Rimini Fiera, Frabbri 1905, Icam and Martellato by a whopping 600 pounds!

Watch as Sweet Shop USA attempts to enter the Guinness World Record for "Largest Chocolate Truffle". Part 2!

Posted by Sweet Shop USA on Friday, April 21, 2017