Embedded Calibration Team

October 11, 2018

Embedded CalibrationsWe are now embedded at multiple customers in the DFW area.  These customers save money by outsourcing their calibrations to us.  They use our ISO, our labor and, in some cases, our standards, and they don’t have to hire a team of people or buy their own standards.  We basically manage their calibrations for them – everything from the work itself to the paperwork that keeps them in compliance. Let us know if you are interested in having an embedded JPB calibration team work for you; we’re happy to help save you time and money!

2,000 EasyCal Calibration Agreements in Texas

October 4, 2018

We just surpassed 2,000 EasyCal calibration agreements in Texas!  As a single source calibration provider, our EasyCal calibration agreement program saves our customers time and money by having us manage all calibrations. The EasyCal program handles a wide range of devices, industries and locations.

  • Priority Service and Support – You will have our highest priority status when a service call is needed. You will have our highest priority phone and e-mail support for questions and troubleshooting.
  • Flexible Scheduling – You decide how frequently your equipment will be calibrated – yearly, monthly, etc. A month before your calibations start, we’ll set up a date and time to perform them.
  • Online Portal – EasyCal calibration agreement customers receive 24/7 access to our secure, online certificate portal, CertFlo, where all calibration certificates are saved.
  • Agreements, not Contracts – We’ll work from a calibration list; either you may send us one, or we’ll walk your facility together and create one. We’ll have a signed written agreement with you. Agreements are usually for two years, but aren’t contracts so may be cancelled with written notice.
  • Choice of Locations – Calibrations can be done on-site or at our calibration lab.
  • Fixed Price – Billing occurs after service has been completed. Prices won’t go up unless additional equipment is added to the agreement.

Read more about our Easy Cal Program.

Thurman Scales In The Middle of Nowhere

September 27, 2018

thurman installWe set a Thurman truck scale with a Texas crane in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to our hardworking crew for all they do, and thanks to their families for sacrificing so our team can make it happen any time!

Autoquip Hydraulic Lifts

September 20, 2018

AutoquipJP Bowlin also uses Autoquip lifts for hydraulic lifts, followed by installing custom scales on the lifts. Let us know if we can help you with your hydraulic needs!

Minebea Intec 6001 Load Cell Mounts

September 13, 2018

Load Cell MountsLet us help you with any size silo, tank, mixer or hopper weighing; here we installed Minebea Intec’s 6001 load cell mounts with 50 ton cells underneath a silo. We do all we can to satisfy our customers!

Profiles of Success – Robbie Hollaway

September 6, 2018

Robbie Hollaway has been with JP Bowlin for 15 years now. He currently serves as the Service Manager where he’s responsible for all technician trainings, scheduling work for his techs, communicating with both current and potential customers and shipping and receiving. Robbie is most rewarded by seeing a job done from start to finish and having his customers happy with the job and by watching technicians new to the scales and weighing industry learn and grow over time. He’s most challenged by trying to complete all his jobs on time, especially when all customers have the same deadlines, and he often struggles to find qualified applicants to fill open tech positions (so follow us on LinkedIn for any openings if you’re interested.)

He defines himself as honest, reliable and dependable, all of which keep him with a clear conscience. Robbie relaxes by playing with his kids and watching his kids play sports, and he rides his Harley every chance he gets. Thanks so much for everything you do for JP Bowlin Robbie; we truly appreciate it!

Rinstrum Scoreboard Satisfies Customer

August 30, 2018

Rinstrum ScoreboardWe used a Rinstrum scoreboard with a custom red and green light manually switched by the customer. The lights inside the office 500 feet away match the outside. The customer switches the lights back and forth rapidly multiple times per weighment. This custom solution works great and provided the customer exactly what was requested. Customer satisfaction is the best reward!

Profiles of Success – Dale Hall

August 23, 2018

Dale HallDale Hall has been an outstanding service technician at JP Bowlin for almost a year and a half where he’s responsible for general scale services. Dale finds the most rewarding part of his job to be getting it done right, pleasing the customer and working with a great team! He’s most challenged by keeping up with new technology. He defines himself as honest, dependable and trustworthy, which are morals he was taught as a kid, and his faith keeps him on track. Dale relaxes by spending time with his family, his wife and his two kids. Thanks for all you do for us at JP Bowlin Dale; we appreciate you!

Making An Old Scale New Again with B-tek Truck Scale Mounts

August 16, 2018

Let us help you make an older scale new again with custom B-tek truck scale mounts. At JP Bowlin, we thrive on customer satisfaction!

Profiles of Success – Andy Miller

August 9, 2018

For a little over two years now, Andy Miller has been an excellent technician for JP Bowlin where he’s responsible for the diagnosis, repair and install of all scale-related components. He’s most rewarded by seeing a job completed from start to finish and most challenged by the diagnosis and repair of a complex system. Andy defines himself as honest, loyal and full of integrity. He relaxes by hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, bicycling and running. Thanks for a great two years Andy; we look forward to many more!

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