Why Customers Choose Us

We could tell you about our years of experience, our outstanding customer service and our ability to offer you unique, money-saving solutions.  But, we would rather have our satisfied customers tell you themselves…

We send a survey to each of our customers after any sale is made or a service is performed.  Based on these surveys, our Dallas office has a customer satisfaction rating (good or excellent ratings) of 92%.  Our Houston office has a customer satisfaction rating of 100%.  Our Fort Worth office has a customer satisfaction rating of 100%.  If you have done business with us and you wish to submit a survey to us, please click here.  Here is a small sampling of the positive feedback that we have received:

“Wonderful communication.  Will definitely recommend again.  Thanks”

Manager at Houston Scrap Recycling

“Excellent Service”

Superintendent at the City of Huntsville

“Great customer service.”

Southern Tile

“Service Technician was very friendly and very knowledgeable.”

WIC Director at WIC Program

“Friendly and helpful employees.  They always get us taken care of.”

Manager at Clifco Spices

“You are great!  Accommodating and professional!”

United States Postal Service

“Always great service, thanks.”

Warehouse Manager at Fort Worth Bolt and Tool

“Fine job and fast service.”

Equipment Manager at Southland Contracting

“Very pleased with new installation and calibrations.”

Technician at Honeywell Electronic Chemicals

“We appreciate quick response and professional service.”

Buyer at Kaneka Nutrients

“Your Technician was extremely helpful.  Thank you.”

Lab Supervisor at Demaur Cosmetics

“The Service Manager said J.P. Bowlin could fix it and they did.  Tremendous crew.  The Technician solved a problem in 2 hours that our former scale company had worked days (probably 6-8 days) and told us it was our problem and could not help us.”

Plant Manager at Sweetlix

“You always come promptly and are flexible with time.  Very friendly too.”

Team Leader at Cooper Clinic

“Technicians are very customer oriented and answered all of my questions.”

General Manager at GWS Welding Supply

“You guys (and gals) are great!!”

CEO at Claxton Recycling

“You guys do great!  Thanks!”

Administrative Assistant at CG Labs

“Bringing breakfast, lunch or dinner would be the only improvement needed!”

Warehouse Manager at Garrett Transportation

“Always outstanding service, and I would highly recommend to other businesses.”

Quality Manager at Geodynamics

“I am impressed by the capability of the Lloyd Instruments LR10K Plus at the price we purchased.  This will double the technical capability at the this location.”

Advanced Quality Engineer at Stant Manufacturing

“Just want to pass on a word of appreciation for your quick help in solving a problem for me. Your customer service rep was a great help in expediting the delivery of a vital part to me overnight. He personally made sure the part was identified and shipped to me in the shortest amount of time. The part arrived this morning as promised and I am up and running again. Thanks again for the quick response!!”

Berry Plastics – Pryor Facility

“I have used your company for more than 20 years!  Great personnel, great company!”

Becknell Wholesale – Branch Manager

“Excellent service! I will not hesitate to recommend you to my fellow aviators.”

Apache Corporation – Aircraft Tech

“I want to take a moment to mention how pleased we are with the install of our new load cells. Stoney and Coin spent 3 days with us and did a great job. They were informative, friendly, and professional while they were at our facility. As we begin to use our new load cells we expect that we will be happy with them. Those two employees are “first class” in my book.”

ChemCal Production Manager

"I want to extend my thanks to all involved in calibrating our multimeter. The turnaround time was outstanding. In the past, we used another source to calibrate, and they always took 3 or more weeks to do the job. We will be using you guys from now on.”

Test Lab Technician at Kongsberg Automotive

“Your representatives seemed quite competent and very professional in performing their duties.”

Owner of Town & Country Ultra Wash

“So many times we neglect to let people know when they are doing a good job. You guys... are the tops. You are polite and professional with all the customers; you handle all our requests with care; and demonstrate the level of detail that makes... our jobs here so much easier. And from what I can tell, your documentation and workmanship is superb. I appreciate all that you do for our group. Thank you.”

Alcon Staff

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