Quality Policy

When Joe Bowlin founded our company in 1931, his goal was to build a weighing and measurement company that provided quality work and that met world class specifications with an emphasis on safety on every job and fair, affordable prices. The core that Mr. Bowlin built is even more evident today.

We are a unique type of company in an industry dominated by a few huge corporations, and many “Mom and Pop shops” that are here today and gone tomorrow. We are a growing, mid-sized Distributor and Repair and Calibration provider that has focused on quality and safety since 1931, and we know our customers by their first names.

We are big enough to meet your safety, quality and insurance requirements, but small enough that we can (and do) go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service. Consider these facts:

  • Historically, we have one of the lowest EMR ratings (0.80) available in our industry. EMR ratings are what insurance companies use to determine how risky a company is to insure (lower is better). We were rated as an “outstanding safety provider” by our insurance carrier in 2012.
  • We have a documented safety training program, accredited by third parties SMI, ISNetworld, PICS and BROWZ.
  • We offer $6,000,000 of liability insurance so you can rest assured when JP Bowlin employees are on-site.
  • All of our calibration standards are NIST Traceable and certified yearly by the State of Texas or another NIST Traceable third party.
  • Our Technicians are factory trained by our manufacturing partners and licensed by the State of Texas Weights and Measures.
  • We provide you with “pre and post” calibration data on everything that we calibrate. This is not a requirement for us, but we believe that a calibration certificate without pre and post data does not tell the whole story.
  • If you require calibration by an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab we can help. Although JP Bowlin meets the requirements of ISO 17025, we are not an ISO 17025 accredited calibration company at this time. We have a partnership with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab that allows us to sub-contract to them, and still be your “sole source” service and calibration provider.
  • We are accredited by each of the following companies: IsnetWorld; Avetta (formerly PICS); Browz; DISA; Textura; Exostar; Ariba; Coupa.
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