“Easy Cal” Calibration Agreements

PrintHaving a Calibration Agreement with J.P. Bowlin for your weighing and measurement equipment is a great way to save money and simplify your calibrations.  Because we are able to plan ahead for our customers on calibration agreements and we can group multiple customers in close proximity together, we are able to avoid trip and travel charges for these calibrations.  So, we pass those savings along to our customers.

Here is how a Calibration Agreement Works:

  • We will get a list of your equipment that requires calibration.  You can either send the list to us, or we will visit you to walk your facility and make a list with you.
  • You tell us how often you would like your equipment calibrated (yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc)
  • We will send you a written agreement to sign and return.  Our agreements are usually 2 years in duration, but they are not contracts, and may be cancelled at any time with written notice.
  • Once we have the signed agreement we will contact you the month before your calibrations are due to set up a date and time to perform your calibrations.
  • One of our knowledgeable Technicians will perform your calibrations for you on your selected date.  Calibrations can be done on-site or at one of our 3 locations.
  • You will receive written calibration certificates after the calibration service is performed and you will receive a user name and password to access our on-line calibration certificate retrieval program (CRS).  There you will also find all of your calibration certs in PDF format.
  • You will be billed after the calibration service is completed.

Added Value With Calibration Agreements:

Customers with active Calibration Agreements with J.P. Bowlin  get more value from their Calibration Agreements.  Here are the extras that we don’t charge for:

  • Priority service.  This includes highest priority service call status when a service call is needed.
  • Priority phone and e-mail support for application questions and troubleshooting.
  • Password protected access to our on-line calibration certificate retrieval system (CRS) at no additional charge.
  • “Price Freeze” which means that the cost of the Calibration Agreement will not go up during the duration of the agreement (price could go up if additional equipment is added to the agreement).

Calibration Agreements for Measurement Equipment:

J.P. Bowlin  provides Calibration Agreements for a variety of weighing and measurement equipment.  For Calibration Agreements on force and material testing machines, we also include the following services:

  • Calibration of load cells in tension and compression
  • Verification of crosshead speed
  • Verification of machine’s displacement or extension
  • Upgrade of firmware (on certain, firmware driven machines)
  • Software support while on-site
  • Assistance with test scripts and recommendations for improving testing
  • Diagnostic tests to ensure that systems are running per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Lubrication of moving parts, if necessary

Contact J.P. Bowlin  today to learn more about our Calibration Agreement options and to see if a calibration agreement would benefit you.  Call us at 817.332.8116 or click here to have a representative contact you.

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