What We CalibrateFull suite of calibration methods designed to meet the most universally used standards

JP Bowlin has a climate-controlled calibration laboratory, and our team of professionals has an average of 15 years of experience to handle your calibration needs.  Most equipment calibrations can also be performed on-site at your location if you prefer.

JP Bowlin’s services are designed to ensure that our testing methods meet or exceed the requirements of standards such as ISO/IEC 17025, ASTM, NIST HB44 and Weights & Measures Commercial Usage. We offer NIST traceable calibrations depending upon the equipment and customer needs, and customers can access our password protected on-line calibration certificate system as well.

Mass & Force
Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeNotesISO CertifiableOnsite
Balance0 - 12,200 grams
Cable Tensionmeter
Center of Gravity
Crane Scale0 - 200,000 lbs.
Dynamometer0 - 100,000 lbs.
Force Gauge0 - 100,000 lbs.
Huskie Tool
Load Cell0 - 100,000 lbs.
Material Test Machine
Scale0 - 300 lbs.Dial,Beam, Bench and Balance
Scale301 - 3,000 lbs.Dial,Beam, Bench and Floor
Scale3,001 - 40,000 lbs.Dial,Beam, Bench and Floor
Scale40,001 lbs. and aboveVehicle, Axle Load,Hopper and Livestock
Weight per Gallon Cup
Weight Verification0 -5000 lbs.
Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeNotesISO CertifiableOnsite
Caliper0 - 72 inchesDial, Digital or Venier
Dial Indicators0 - 2 inchesDial or Digital
Test Indicators0 - 0.130 inches
Feeler Gauge
Gauge Blocks
Height Gauge0 - 12 inches
Length Standard0 - 12 inches
Measuring Tape up to 100"0 -100 feet
PI Tape
Steel Ruler0 - 60 inches
Depth Micrometer0 - 12 inchesDigital or Venier
ID Micrometer0 -12 inchesDigital or Venier
OD Micrometer0 -12 inchesDigital or Venier
Tube Micrometer0 -12 inchesDigital or Venier
Optical Comparator
Pin Gauge0 - 1 inch
Plain Ring Gauge0 - 10 inches
Thread Plug Gauge0-80 to 4-12
Coating Thickness Gauges 0 to 80000 mil
Viscosity Cup
Equipment or DeviceISO CertifiableOnsite
Black Body
Clamp Meter
Data Logger
Electronic Meter
Mold Press
Bench Multimeter
Handheld Multimeter
Power Supply AC/DC & Current
Process Calibrator
Resistance Tester
Solder Station
Equipment or DeviceISO CertifiableOnsite
Rod Oven
Incubator (Time/Temp)
Circle Strip Chart Each Input
Dry Block Calibrator
Flux Oven
Heat Sealer (Temperature & Pressure)
Hot Plates
Oven Uniformity Survey
Strip Chart (per input)
Temperature Controller -250C to 1820C
Temperature Data Logger
Water Bath
Thermometer Digital
Thermometer IR
Thermometer L.I.G. -20C to -200C
Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeNotesISO CertifiableOnsite
Durometer Block
DurometerType A
Footage Counter
Hardness Tester RockwellHRC and HRBW
Tachometer up to 99999 RPM
Torque Wrench0 - 600 ft/lbs.
Vent and Fume Hood
Time & Frequency
Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeISO CertifiableOnsite
Timer1- 86,400 seconds
Stopwatch1- 86,400 seconds
Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeISO CertifiableOnsite
Pressure Transducer0 - 20,000 psi
Vacuum Gauge -28 to 0.1 inHg
Pressure Gauge0 - 20,000 psi
Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeISO CertifiableOnsite
PH Meter up to 14pH4, 7 and 10 pH
Pipette60 uL to 10 mL
Viscometer 500 - 50001 kPa to 104 kPa
Welding Machines
Equipment or DeviceISO CertifiableOnsite
Welding Machine
Hard Banding Machine
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