Mass & ForceScales, Balances, Weights, Force Gauges, Load Cells

Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeNotesISO CertifiableOnsite
Balance0 - 12,200 grams
Cable Tensionmeter
Center of Gravity
Crane Scale0 - 200,000 lbs.
Dynamometer0 - 100,000 lbs.
Force Gauge0 - 100,000 lbs.
Huskie Tool
Load Cell0 - 100,000 lbs.
Material Test Machine
Scale0 - 300 lbs.Dial,Beam, Bench and Balance
Scale301 - 3,000 lbs.Dial,Beam, Bench and Floor
Scale3,001 - 40,000 lbs.Dial,Beam, Bench and Floor
Scale40,001 lbs. and aboveVehicle, Axle Load,Hopper and Livestock
Weight per Gallon Cup
Weight Verification0 -5000 lbs.
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