Equipment or DeviceRange or Nominal Device SizeNotesISO CertifiableOnsite
Caliper0 - 72 inchesDial, Digital or VenierYesYes
Dial Indicators0 - 2 inchesDial or DigitalYesYes
Test Indicators0 - 0.130 inchesYesYes
Feeler GaugeYesYes
Gauge Blocks
Height Gauge0 - 12 inchesYesYes
Length Standard0 - 12 inchesYes
Measuring Tape up to 100"0 -100 feetYesYes
PI TapeYesYes
Steel Ruler0 - 60 inchesYesYes
Depth Micrometer0 - 12 inchesDigital or VenierYesYes
ID Micrometer0 -12 inchesDigital or VenierYes
OD Micrometer0 -12 inchesDigital or VenierYes
Tube Micrometer0 -12 inchesDigital or VenierYes
Optical ComparatorYes
Pin Gauge0 - 1 inchYes
Plain Ring Gauge0 - 10 inchesYes
Thread Plug Gauge0-80 to 4-12Yes
Coating Thickness Gauges 0 to 80000 milYesYes
Viscosity CupYesYes

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