What is CertFlo?

• Our Technicians all carry a laptop with wireless internet access, a scanner, a printer, and a battery to run the equipment.

• If we’ve calibrated the item before, the Technician scans the calibration sticker to retrieve the equipment history.

• The Technician then does the calibration and adjustment (if needed) and prints a new calibration sticker.

• The sticker is placed on the equipment and the calibration cert is saved in the customer’s file on our server.

• Certificates are held in queue until a Manager can review and release them.

• EasyCal agreement customers can login and retrieve their calibration certificates any time.

• Certificates can be emailed to the customer at any time.

• Our automated reminder system can contact you when calibration is due.

• All calibration standards are monitored by CertFlo so no standard can be used if it is damaged or if its certification is expired.

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