Flexible Calibration CapabilitiesThe most flexible calibration capabilities in the industry.

We know that one size does not fit all; our goal is to offer the most flexible calibration capabilities in the industry.

On-Site Calibrations
test truck on-site calibration

If your quality system demands on-site calibration or your equipment is too large or sensitive to be transported to our lab, JP Bowlin offers on-site calibration services.  We know that you need access to your testing and measurement equipment at specific times, so we will set an appointment and arrive at a time that is convenient for your schedule even if that is overnight or on a weekend.  We offer one-time calibrations and money-saving calibration agreements to meet your equipment’s specific calibration schedule.

Safety is our Top Priority:

When we send one of our calibration professionals to a customer’s site, we make safety our top priority.  JP Bowlin has been prequalified and verified for Quality, Safety, and Sustainability with multiple compliance verification companies including ISNet, Browz, PSC, SMI and many more.  We also offer:

  • $6,000,000 of liability insurance per occurance which is among the highest in the industry.
  • We historically have the lowest EMR (Experience Modification Rating) in the industry.
  • Minimum of 20 hours of documented safety training per calibration technician per year.

Mobile Calibration Standards:

JP Bowlin has calibration standards carefully packaged for transport to customer sites all across North America and Puerto Rico.  These standards include:

  • Heavy duty test trucks carrying enough test weights to calibrate truck, rail and tank scales.
  • High accuracy, calibration grade load cells for force calibrations up to 100,000 lbs.
  • Gauge blocks for dimensional, height and thickness gauges.
  • Plus many more.
In-House Calibrations
ns repair 3

If you can ship it, we can calibrate it for less than most on-site calibrations!

JP Bowlin  offers in-house calibration services to anyone in the United States. We can calibrate any of the products that we typically service at the customer’s location in one of our in-house calibration labs as well.    Our turnaround times and prices can’t be matched by other distributors or even the original manufacturers.

Why are we able to offer fast turn around times at such good prices?

  • We have in-house technicians that specialize in calibrations
  • When you send your equipment to JP Bowlin  for calibration you avoid trip and travel charges to your site
  • The calibration standards are already set up in our labs, therefore it takes less time to perform a calibration in-house and we charge less

We can also expedite the turnaround time if you need the repair or equipment done in a certain amount of time.

For scale, force, material test & measurement equipment in-house calibration,

Please fill out the following form and send it with your items to the location listed below.

J.P. Bowlin – In House Calibration Form

J.P. Bowlin
3450 Alameda
Suite 343
Fort Worth, TX 76126
Attn:  In-House Calibration

Embedded Calibration Services
embedded calibration services

JP Bowlin offers embedded calibration services to ease your calibration burden.  We have partnerships in place with customers enabling us to manage all of their calibration needs from documentation to asset management and ensuring all calibration cycles are met.

Programs start at one embedded technician performing calibration and can grow to multiple technicians performing all calibration, repair, asset management, documentation and procurement for customers.  Each embedded calibration program is customized specifically for the customer.

Benefits of Embedded Calibration:

  • Fixed calibration costs may be budgeted for multiple years.
  • No need to recruit, hire and train calibration personnel.
  • No HR or employee benefit costs for the customer.
  • No costs related to buying, maintaining or re-certifying calibration standards.
  • Single source calibrations eliminate all guess work and confusion for customer.
  • Customer can dictate when items are calibrated and how often so efficiency is maximized.
Third Party Calibrations
third party calibration

Want to use JP Bowlin as a single source calibration provider, but some of your equipment falls outside of our calibration scope?  No problem!

We have formed third party partnerships with ISO 17025 accredited labs around the US, which allows us to offer calibration services on equipment that we don’t currently calibrate. 

You get the high quality, accredited calibrations that you need without having to use multiple providers. 

How it Works:

  • If we determine that we can’t calibrate some of your equipment, we will let you know and suggest we use a partner lab.
  • We will send you their ISO 17025 accreditation and scope of calibrations to review and approve.
  • Calibration by our third party partner may be done at their facility and returned or on-site at your facility if necessary.
  • JP Bowlin handles all paperwork, documentation and billing so we are still your single source provider.
  • We will coordinate all necessary site visits and shipping arrangements to ensure that your equipment is calibrated quickly and correctly.
Force Measurement & Material Testing Calibration
Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR150KPlus

Beware of third party calibration companies that offer calibrations on force and material testing systems like those made by Chatillon, Lloyd Instruments and Shimadzu if they are not authorized distributors for these brands.  Most calibration companies offering calibration services on these systems can merely verify a load cell and can’t actually perform a calibration to bring the load cell back into tolerance if it is found to be out of tolerance.

It is common for these types of systems to have a password protected calibration process, and only factory trained and certified calibration providers are given these passwords.  This is because once you are in the calibration mode on these systems, all safety features are disabled so damage can occur to the system, and injuries may occur to people doing the calibrations.

We always provide:

  • Calibration of load cells in tension and compression.
  • Verification of crosshead speed.
  • Verification of machine’s displacement or extension.
  • Upgrade of firmware (on certain, firmware driven machines).
  • Software support while on-site.
  • Assistance with test scripts and recommendations for improving testing.
  • Diagnostic tests to ensure that systems are running per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Lubrication of moving parts, if necessary.
  • Access to original, factory made replacement parts.
Calibration Options
Flexible Service Offerings
  • Pick-up and delivery service – Instead of repairing or calibrating your equipment in your facility, we can arrange for pick-up and delivery service. Tell our team when to pick up your equipment from a designated place on your loading dock. We will pick it up, calibrate it and bring it back to you. Once we drop it off, we will call you to let you know it is back.
  • Flexible Scheduling – We can send a Technician to your facility after hours when less of your staff is there to do your repair or calibrations. In some cases this can be done at regular rates as we are shifting our crews to work different hours depending upon demand.
  • Staggered Equipment Cycles – If you have a large amount of equipment that requires calibration or repair that we normally service on-site, we can stagger the pick-up and delivery of the items into lots so that you are never without the equipment that you use daily. For example, if you have 75 items that require calibration but you use them regularly, we can pick them up the first lot of 25, calibrate that lot and pick up the second lot when we return the first lot.
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