Embedded Calibration Services

JP Bowlin offers embedded calibration services to ease your calibration burden.  We have partnerships in place with customers enabling us to manage all of their calibration needs from documentation to asset management and ensuring all calibration cycles are met.

Programs start at one embedded technician performing calibration and can grow to multiple technicians performing all calibration, repair, asset management, documentation and procurement for customers.  Each embedded calibration program is customized specifically for the customer.

Benefits of Embedded Calibration:

  • Fixed calibration costs may be budgeted for multiple years.
  • No need to recruit, hire and train calibration personnel.
  • No HR or employee benefit costs for the customer.
  • No costs related to buying, maintaining or re-certifying calibration standards.
  • Single source calibrations eliminate all guess work and confusion for customer.
  • Customer can dictate when items are calibrated and how often so efficiency is maximized.
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