Force Measurement & Material Testing Calibration

Beware of third party calibration companies that offer calibrations on force and material testing systems like those made by Chatillon, Lloyd Instruments and Shimadzu if they are not authorized distributors for these brands.  Most calibration companies offering calibration services on these systems can merely verify a load cell and can’t actually perform a calibration to bring the load cell back into tolerance if it is found to be out of tolerance.

It is common for these types of systems to have a password protected calibration process, and only factory trained and certified calibration providers are given these passwords.  This is because once you are in the calibration mode on these systems, all safety features are disabled so damage can occur to the system, and injuries may occur to people doing the calibrations.

We always provide:

  • Calibration of load cells in tension and compression.
  • Verification of crosshead speed.
  • Verification of machine’s displacement or extension.
  • Upgrade of firmware (on certain, firmware driven machines).
  • Software support while on-site.
  • Assistance with test scripts and recommendations for improving testing.
  • Diagnostic tests to ensure that systems are running per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Lubrication of moving parts, if necessary.
  • Access to original, factory made replacement parts.
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