Third Party Calibrations

Want to use JP Bowlin as a single source calibration provider, but some of your equipment falls outside of our calibration scope?  No problem!

We have formed third party partnerships with ISO 17025 accredited labs around the US, which allows us to offer calibration services on equipment that we don’t currently calibrate. 

You get the high quality, accredited calibrations that you need without having to use multiple providers. 

How it Works:

  • If we determine that we can’t calibrate some of your equipment, we will let you know and suggest we use a partner lab.
  • We will send you their ISO 17025 accreditation and scope of calibrations to review and approve.
  • Calibration by our third party partner may be done at their facility and returned or on-site at your facility if necessary.
  • JP Bowlin handles all paperwork, documentation and billing so we are still your single source provider.
  • We will coordinate all necessary site visits and shipping arrangements to ensure that your equipment is calibrated quickly and correctly.
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