In-House Calibration Service

In-House Calibration Service

J.P. Bowlin  offers in-house calibration services to anyone in the United States. We can calibrate any of the products that we typically service at the customer’s location in one of our in-house calibration labs as well.  If you can ship it, we can calibrate it for less than most on-site calibrations!  Our turn around times and prices can’t be matched by other Distributors or even the original manufacturers.

Why are we able to offer fast turn around times at such good prices?

  • We have in-house technicians that specialize in calibrations
  • When you send your equipment to J.P. Bowlin  for calibration you avoid trip and travel charges to your site
  • The calibration standards are already set up in our labs, therefore it takes less time to perform a calibration in-house and we charge less

We can also expedite the turn around time if you need the repair or equipment done in a certain amount of time.
Download the Calibration form and send it with your items to the location listed below.

For scale, force, material test and measurement equipment in-house calibration send to:

J.P. Bowlin
7239 Envoy Court
Dallas, TX 75247
Attn:  In-House Calibration

Please contact us with any questions.

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