Our EasyCal Program

EasyCal is JPB’s comprehensive calibration program that assures all your measurement & test equipment calibrations are managed and executed to national and international standards of operation. Our goal is to make your calibration process as easy as possible. The EasyCal program is customizable to meet each specific customer’s needs including multiple calibration location options. We offer on-site, in climate-controlled lab, mail-in depot and embedded calibration services to all customers.

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Priority Service and Support

• You will have our highest priority status when a service call is needed.

• You will have our highest priority phone and e-mail support for questions and troubleshooting.

Agreements, not Contracts

• We’ll work from a calibration list – you may send us one, or we’ll walk your facility together and create one.

• We’ll have a signed written agreement with you. Agreements are usually for two years, but aren’t contracts so may be cancelled with written notice.

Flexible Schedule

• You’ll decide how frequently your equipment will be calibrated – yearly, monthly, etc.

• A month before your calibations start, we’ll set up a date and time to perform them.

Choice of Locations

• Calibrations can be done on-site or at our locations.

Online Portal

• EasyCal calibration agreement customers receive 24/7 access to our secure, online certificate portal, CertFlo, where all calibration certificates are saved.

Fixed Price

• Billing occurs after service has been completed.

• Prices won’t go up unless additional equipment is added to the agreement.

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