Reasons to Calibrate Your Equipment

Reasons to Calibrate Your Equipment

No matter what kind of weighing or measurement equipment you are using, routine calibration is very important.  Here are just a few reasons to calibrate your weighing and measurement equipment:

  • To guarantee compliance with ISO quality requirements.
  • Legal for trade compliance as required by the Texas Department of Weights and Measures regulations.
  • Compliance with other regulatory agencies that may govern your industry (FDA, USDA, etc).
  • Guaranteed savings by ensuring accuracy with your weighing or measurement processes.
  • Save money and minimize downtime with the preventative maintenance that routine calibration provides.

Routine calibration can also save you money! Today’s weighing and measurement equipment is more accurate and sensitive than in years past.  Over time the weighing and measurement equipment that your organization relies on may get out of calibration.

Look at this production-based example:

Assume that you have a 5000 lb capacity scale that is off by only 1 pound.  If it is used just 50 times a day, then the product weights are off by 50 lbs for that day.  Assume that the product only costs $1 per pound.  That means that the scale could be costing your company $50 per day.  That doesn’t sound like much.  But, over the course of 1 year, that 1 lb difference could add up to a whopping $18,250!


Contact J.P. Bowlin today to discuss a Calibration Agreement or to schedule a calibration for your weighing and measuring equipment.

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