Reasons to CalibrateSave money and minimize downtime with preventative maintenance

No matter what kind of weighing or measurement equipment you are using, routine calibration is very important.  Here are just a few reasons to calibrate your weighing and measurement equipment:

  • To guarantee compliance with ISO quality requirements.
  • Legal for trade compliance as required by the Texas Department of Weights and Measures regulations.
  • Compliance with other regulatory agencies that may govern your industry (FDA, USDA, etc).
  • Guaranteed savings by ensuring accuracy with your weighing or measurement processes.
  • Save money and minimize downtime with the preventative maintenance that routine calibration provides.

Routine calibration can also save you money! Today’s weighing and measurement equipment is more accurate and sensitive than in years past.  Over time the weighing and measurement equipment that your organization relies on may get out of calibration.

Look at this production-based example:

Assume that you have a 5000 lb capacity scale that is off by only 1 pound.  If it is used just 50 times a day, then the product weights are off by 50 lbs for that day.  Assume that the product only costs $1 per pound.  That means that the scale could be costing your company $50 per day.  That doesn’t sound like much.  But, over the course of 1 year, that 1 lb difference could add up to a whopping $18,250!

legal for trade compliance

Scales used to buy or sell products are “Legal for Trade” scales. The State of Texas has specific requirements for these scales — they must be calibrated and put into service by a licensed scale company, or you risk getting fined.

If you buy scales off the internet and do not have them put into service by a licensed scale company in the State of Texas, you risk being fined for each violation.

JP Bowlin  is compliant with the State of Texas’ requirements and is a “Licensed Service and Inspection Company” in the State of Texas. Our Technicians are also all licensed by the State of Texas.

Our company policy is to send a RWM-780 form to the State of Texas for each legal for trade scale that we put into service.

Texas Department of Agriculture – Requirements for Legal for Trade Scales in the State of TexasTexas Department of Agriculture – Requirements for scales used for Immediate ConsumptionTexas Department of Agriculture – Weights and Measures Program

Jewelry / Gold & Silver Scale Compliance
gold and silver compliance

Does your Jewelry Scale comply with the State of Texas Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures registration and usage requirements?

  • Legal for Trade Scale must be a NTEP Class II or III approved scale (Marked on Scale).
  • Scale Accuracy Verified and Placed in Service for Legal for Trade Use by a Licensed State of Texas Scale Service company.
  • Scale Registered for use with the State of Texas Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures.

Why should you worry about scales not meeting the State of Texas registration requirements?

  • Fines – Failure to comply with State of Texas registration and usage requirements will result in hundreds of dollars in fines
  • Scales may be removed from Service.

JP Bowlin can help meet all the Texas Department of Agriculture’s registration/usage requirements and save you money.

  • Legal for Trade Jewelry Scales starting at just $375 – Stocked locally, and price includes a Certificate of Calibration and Calibration Sticker.
  • Fixed Rate Service for verifying Accuracy and Place in Service starting as low as $75 – Locally dispatched State Licensed Service Technicians will verify accuracy of scale, place in service with State as required and review compliance requirements of the Texas Department of Agriculture..
  • Low Cost Calibration Agreements – Ensure you are not giving money away with incorrect weights by having your scale checked using precision calibration weights. We call you every year to schedule the visit!  Optional Online Calibration Certificate Retrieval Service.

Click here to register your scale with Texas Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures.

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