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Posted on July 12, 2016

Our food texture analyzers are used widely by food scientists around the world for evaluating the textural properties of food products.

Understanding the textural qualities of food products helps companies to develop new products as well as enhance and ensure the consistency of existing products.

Food texture analysis is also important to evaluate the effects of cooking time and processing, the quality of raw ingredients, shelf life, the effect of feed on meat products and much more.

At the research and development (R&D) stage, new or alternative ingredients can be compared with existing ingredients. In production, texture analysis is used for the measurement and control of process variations such as temperature, humidity and cooking time.

Some of the most common test types within food texture analysis are brittleness, chewiness, cohesiveness, firmness, shear strength, springiness, stickiness, toughness and extensibility.

Typical applications for food testing include:
– Bakery
– Cereal
– Confectionary
– Dairy
– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Meat
– Pasta, rice and spaghetti
– Pet food
– Seafood
– Snack foods
– Raw ingredients

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