Medical Device Testing Solutions

Posted on July 12, 2016

When testing medical devices the importance of high precision and accuracy within your test results is crucial. Only by performing high quality testing in accordance to the relevant standards within medical device testing, can you be assured that your product lives up to the specific requirements and that it does the job that it is designed for, in an approved and safe way.

Typical parameters being measured in medical device testing include flexure, tension,compression, peel strength, adhesive/bond strength, puncture, insertion/extraction and sliding of pistons.

Our high-precision materials testers are ideal for medical device packaging testing.

We offer test solutions that are customized to fit your exact needs.
Typical applications for medical device testing include:
– MDIs (medical dose inhalers) such as asthma canisters
– Artificial skin
– Aspirators
– Balloons
– Bone cement, plate and staples
– Breathing pacemakers
– Catheter tubing
– Electrosurgical cables
– Feeding tubes
– Insulin pumps
– Medical implants
– Syringes
– Ostomy bags
– Needles
– Stents
– Sutures
– Surgical implants

Testing by Material

Application:   Medical Device Testing Solutions

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