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Minebea Intec Combics Indicator Accessories

Posted on June 28, 2016

CAIXS2 : Combics 2 Explosion Proof Indicator
A19 : 485 Interface
M26 : Cable to IS-X
69EM0012 : Data cable, 9-pin D-Sub male/female 2m
YCC01-0019M3 : Cable for YDP20-0CE
YCC03-D09F6 : Connecting cable,D-sub, 9-contact female
YCC03-D09M6 : Connecting cable, 9-pin D-sub male
YCC03-BR02 : Cable for YBR02FC on 5pin DIN-femal con
YCC01-10CIM3 : Cable, 25pin D-Sub male/9 pin+ jack plug
YCCDI-03M5 : Cable 12-pin round male / open cable end
YCC01-USBM2 : RS-232/USB-cable
YCC02-RB01 : Cable, DB-25 male/5-pin round male, 2 m
YCC02-RB02 : Cable,open-end cable/5pin round m.c,2m
YCC02-RJ45M7 : Connecting cable w/ RJ45 male connector
YCC02-CB02 : Cable for car battery, 24V module, 2 m
YCC02-D09F6 : Cable f. prntr., to 9-pin D-Sub fem. con
YCC02-D25F6 : Cable f. accesry., 25-pin D-Sub fem. con
YCC02-D25M6 : Cable f. SAG scale,25-pin D-sub fem. con
YCC02-R12M6 : Cable for SAG scale, 12-pin rd. male con
YDP04IS-0CEUV : Direct thermal printer, 60 mm, 203 dpi
YDP14IS-0CEUV : Direct-thermo-printer, 108mm, 203dpi
YDP14IS-0CEUVTH : Thermal transfer printer, 108mm, 203 dpi
YBR03FC : Bar code scanner with DIN connector
YBR03PS2 : Bar code scanner with PS/2 plug
YAM11IS : Power supply for YAM01IS or YAM02IS
YAS02CI : 24V industrial power supply module
YRD11Z : Checkweighing display (25-pin T-connector)
YRD14Z : Checkweighing display (rd. 12-pin plug)
YSB01 : External relay box, 4 (5) outputs
YTC01 : T-connector
YSB02 : Digital input/output module, 8 outputs
YFS01 : Foot switch with T-connector
YHS02 : Hand switch with T-connector
YAS99I : Separable plug connection, platfrm.-ind.
YDH01CIS : Wall-mounting bracket, stainless steel
YDH02CIS : Wall holder st.st, tiltable indicator
YBH01CWS : Fastener for bar code scanner
YAS01CISL : IP65 kit for Combics CISL indicators
YDH03CIP : Floor-mounted column,painted,height 1.1m
YDH03CIS : Floor-mounted column,st. st.,height 1.1m
YBP03CIS : Base for floor-mtd. column, stainless steel
YPP01CWS : Plate for mounting printer on column
YAS03CI : Installat. kit for control panel integr.
YTP01CI : Anti-theft locking dev. for Combics ind.
YAS04CIS : Cable gland for Combics, IP67
YDH12CWS : Indic.holder for bench,st.st,platf.ED/FE


Manufacturer:   Minebea Intec

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