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Animal Weighing Data Needed

Posted on April 15, 2013

Emery Winslow designed and manufactured a wide variety of scales designed specifically for the challenging applications  of animal weighing.  These scales are currently used to weigh Killer Whales, Elephants, Polar Bears, Hippos, Rhinos, Beluga Whales, Lions, Gorillas, Walruses, Giraffes, Dolphins and more.  The reliable weight data provided by these scales is critical for monitoring overall animal health, to measure the effectiveness of various diets, and for proper application of medications and supplements.  These scales meet the challenges of harsh environments, which may include physical abuse from the animal, corrosive conditions from animal urine and waste, the effects of water washdown, and even submersion in salt water.

Emery Winslow has met all of these challenges with the Hydrostatic load cell technology, which eliminates all electronic wiring under the scale platform.  These load cells are available in a range of materials, dramatically increasing scale life and reducing maintenance costs.

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Manufacturer:   Emery Winslow

Industry:   Manufacturing

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