Livestock scale

Client Desires Livestock Scale with Pass-through Doors and Easy Transport

Posted on November 2, 2016

B-TEK Scales fabricated a full size livestock scale, equipped with forklift channels for portability. Each door has a latch closure and the ability to install a padlock. The epoxy finish is great for the agricultural environment.

The Clients- Columbus, Ohio BSI branch client

The Challenge -A large livestock scale with pass through doors and ability to move the scale easily.

The Solution -The 108” x 48” 5K scale with welded solid sides and cage style top has 2 mobile doors to keep the animal centered for weight readings and then easily released for continuous weighing. The fork channels allow a forklift to transport the scale and the durable epoxy finish allows the scale to be washed down after use.

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Manufacturer:   B-Tek Scales

Industries:   Food / Beverage, Manufacturing

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