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Net filling first console

Net Filling Program Pauses, Restarts

Posted on March 13, 2019

This is a simple start, stop console for positive or negative net filling and can be done very quickly by JP Bowlin. The key weight is keyed in by the operator who then pushes the green start button which both opens a gate and turns on the motor. Pushing the red stop button will stop both the motor and gate while retaining the target weight of the system. When the start button is pushed, the process will resume where stopped.

The program also “learns” over time. If the keyed in weight value goes over or under, the system will self-adjust in small increments until hitting target spot on. This is the amount still in the system (free fall) and can change throughout the day due to weather, differing materials or system speed. Free fall changes can also be keyed in through the key pad by the operator. The system can also store this information for different material or system changes while still learning and making small adjustments all the time.

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