Pasta, Rice and Noodles Testing

Posted on December 15, 2016

The firmness, stickiness, elasticity and bending strength define the overall texture of cooked and uncooked pasta, noodles and rice.

The breaking strength of uncooked spaghetti and lasagne sheets can be measured using the 3-point bind jig. Our unique spaghetti compression fixture measures the deflection time. This method is very effective in defining the correct cooking time.

Pasta stickiness, noodle extensibility, pasta firmness and bending strength are just a few of the test types you can perform by combining the TA1 texture analyzer with our grips and fixtures for pasta, rice and noodles.

The Spaghetti and Noodle Compression attachment fits the TA1 texture analyzer and other machines in the company’s extensive range. It is designed to take thickness measurements of the cooked product in order to calculate a range of parameters including sample compressibility. The accuracy and ease of use makes the test system ideal for R&D and Quality Control during food production.

A cooked product sample is placed onto the fixture’s lower compression plate. With a single key operation, the testing machine automatically lowers the upper compression plate via a high resolution encoder and takes three thickness measurements at two specified loads of 15gf and 515gf.

The machine then stores and analyses the results in the operating software. Additional results are calculated from these three thickness measurements to evaluate sample compressibility and other parameters. The entire test is driven by the company’s powerful NEXYGENPlus materials testing software.

Besides compressibility, the system evaluates product recovery, springiness and helps manufacturers calculate ideal cooking times (to ensure an ‘al dente’ product after cooking, for example), assess ingredients mixes, understand product behaviour after freezing and keep production costs low.

The TA1 texture analyzer and NEXYGENPlus food texture applications software can assess product quality on a wide range of food items including dairy products, bakery, confectionery, gels and more.

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