PTI-Compliant Labeling System Installed at Buona Foods

Posted on August 23, 2017

Located in the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania—the Mushroom Capital of the World—Buona Foods, Inc. was established on strong family principles. Rosemarie Ferranto, the daughter of Italian immigrants, grew up working on her family’s mushroom farm not far from Buona Foods’ present location. In 1972, Roro, as she is known to friends and family, began supplying local grocers and restaurateurs with mushrooms. Her love of people and her products enabled her business to grow steadily. A few years later, her husband, Robert “Bear” Ferranto joined the company and eventually, their three children – Robert, Peter and Gale – would all join the company, contributing talent and expertise that has helped Buona continue to grow into one of the most prominent mushroom companies in the region.

Like other produce companies (growers, re-packers, and distributors), Buona Foods needed to address the requirements associated with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). At the same time, they required a system that would communicate and exchange information (Purchase Orders & Sales Orders) with their QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE) Accounting Software. Being a leader in their industry, Buona Foods made the decision to invest in SG Systems’ Traceability and PTI-compliant Labeling System. The easy-to-use system also utilizes a QBE plug-in that allows data to be exchanged between the QuickBooks and SG databases without human interaction. The interface allows for a more efficient process by allowing data from receiving, through production and all the way to shipping to be collected automatically – and in turn, this automated process reduces errors that are commonly associated with manual data collection.

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