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Intercomp LP600 Helps RV Dealer Promote Safety

Posted on April 18, 2018

As the size and complexity of the modern RV continues to increase,manufacturers and customers must also take into account axle weight compliance and safe weight distribution. While an RV may be weight compliant, manufacturers and dealers need to ensure these vehicles are safe to drive once the end user loads personal items, water and fuel.

In the RV market, checking and understanding weight distribution among the vehicle’s axles is becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers, dealers and owners need to have a better understanding of weight for the sake of compliance and safety.

North Trail RV, a dealer for one of the most well-known RV manufacturers in the United States, decided to tackle these potential issues. The company needed an accurate way to measure GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), and obtain wheel and axle weights, to ensure proper load distribution when fully loaded with personal equipment, fuel and water. The dealer also wanted a way to record and print the data to provide the customer during the final walkthrough and when customers brought their vehicle back to the dealer for a standard one-month checkup.

Intercomp’s LP600 low-profile wheel load scales were used as the 1.5-inch scale pad height allowed each RV to driven up on the scale pads easily. The 22-inch wide scale can accommodate dual tires, and RFX Wireless Weighing allowed weight data to be displayed and recorded on a laptop PC. Records could then be printed and given to the RV owner.

With six LP600s, North Trail RV recognized an increase in buyer satisfaction based on the additional information provided to each customer after fully loading their vehicle. The dealer also gained a better handle on what additions and modifications produced the most significant changes in weight distribution. In addition, the scales helped dealer technicians troubleshoot potential problems with suspension components and tires during the one-month checkup. Not only did this decrease the possibility of the customer having service issues in the near future, but it also helped customers understand how critical weight distribution is to proper drivability and safety while using the unit.

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