Treating and Recycling Slurry Mud from Drilling Operations

Treating and Recycling Slurry Mud from Drilling Operations

Posted on July 30, 2021

An environmental oilfield waste management company in West Texas has a large conveyor system that is used as part of the process of treating and recycling slurry mud from drilling operations. This large hopper, conveyor system has  multiple motors and vibrators and is designed with a hopper on one end where trucks load the slurry onto the system. In order to track the amount of product that they recycle, the customer installed low profile analog load cells under the conveyor legs when the location was new.

However, the analog load cells were undersized and couldn’t hold up to the movement of the conveyors and the massive 300,000lb total weight (approximate) of the entire conveyor system. That’s when the customer called the JP Bowlin company for help. JPB supplied the customer with 10 new Emery Winslow Hydrostatic 75,000 lb capacity load cells and installed them under the conveyor legs while mounting the totalizer in an enclosure in a protected area.  Because the Hydrostatic load cells have a much different profile than the analog load cells, the support legs had to be refabricated at the customer’s site.

JP Bowlin also designed and made the custom checking for the system.  The JPB team also installed a Rice Lake 820i indicator with Ethernet IP to communicate to the Allen Bradley PLC the controls the conveyor system and conduit to protect all of the hydraulic lines and communication cables. Because the Hydrostatic load cells are built for extremely difficult environments, they will provide years of trouble-free service in this outdoor environment.  The team at JP Bowlin is well-versed in providing all types of custom and unique solutions for anything that needs to be weighed.

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Manufacturers:   Emery Winslow, Rice Lake

Industry:   Chemical

Applications:   Bulk Material Weighing, Tank, Hopper and Vessel Weighing

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