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Using a Custom Batching System to Store Recipes

Posted on October 11, 2017

A customer who makes additives for construction materials approached us looking for a better way to perform their blending in tanks.  They currently use a manual batching process with tanks mounted on load cells, and they want to keep it that way for flexibility, but they need to eliminate the possibility of operators adding incorrect ingredients to recipes in order to avoid poor quality or scrapped batches.

Our solution is a custom batching system that stores recipes for all of their unique additive blends.  The Rice Lake 1280 indicator prompts the operator with step by step instructions once a recipe is selected.  The ingredient asked for must be scanned with a wireless scan gun and accepted by the indicator before the operator can proceed.  Once the ingredient is accepted, the indicator controls a pump to allow the correct amount of each ingredient to go into the tank.  The instrument keeps track of quantities of ingredients added as well as the total net weight of the finished batch.  Reports for each batch can be printed showing weights for each one.  We are currently testing the program, and we plan to complete the installation as soon as testing is complete.

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