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Doran 2200 Stainless Steel Bench Scale Features

Posted on April 28, 2016
  • Meter Only Option
  • Serial Data Communications
  • One-Piece Bracket
  • 14″ Atlas Column
  • Stainless Steel Load Cell
  • 230 VAC Operation
  • External DC Power (12 VDC)
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Load Cell Cable Quick Disconnect
  • Remote Switch Cable Quick Disconnect
  • Serial Data Cable Quick Disconnect
  • Remote Switches
  • 4-20mA Analog Output
  • Modbus/TCP
  • Wired Ethernet Network Data Communications
  • Wireless Ethernet Network Data Communications
  • Fiber Optic Interface
  • RS-485 Serial Data Output
  • USB Data Interface
  • Internal Relays
  • Remote Display
  • External Relays
  • Audible Alarm Options (External or Internal)
  • Standard Barcode Scanner
  • Heavy Duty Barcode Scanner


Manufacturer:   Doran

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