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Scaleit W8 Software Features

Posted on December 11, 2018
  • Unlimited Access to more than 500 reports at No Cost!
  • Fully compliant with state specific laws.
  • Software updates regularly to accommodate any compliance changes.
  • Integrated with all law enforcement uploads (including Finder, BWI, txDPS, LeadsOnline).
  • Complete recycling software package included
  • Offer the latest Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Compatible with all scale indicators that have a serial/rs232 or network output.
  • Compatible with any Windows PC
  • Compatible with printers supported by Windows.
  • Compatible with most IP cameras.
  • Compatible with most hardware (ID scanners, signature pad, fingerprint readers).
  • Integrates with all major accounting software(s).
  • NO Startup Costs!
  • Try Scaleit W8 Risk-Free! Try it before you buy it!


Manufacturer:   Scaleit

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