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Shimadzu MOC63u Features

Posted on November 23, 2016
  • Long-life and high power halogen heater provides quick and accurate measurement, with a temperature range from 50 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius
  • A large sample pan (95mm diameter) enables a large amount of sample to be placed evenly in a thin layer, resulting in accurate and fast measurements
  • The measure results can be transferred by USB cable (If connecting to PC, USB Driver Download is necessary)
  • Shimadzu’s unique Windows Direct function is standard. Measurement data can be easily sent to an application such as Excel, where data can be processed using familiar functions such as statistical calculations and graph charting. Connection requires only a single RS232C cable. Interface connections and software installations are completely unnecessary.
  • 3 drying modes besides standard drying mode : Rapid drying mode, Slow drying mode, Step drying mode


Manufacturer:   Shimadzu

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