ASTM Classification Class F Calibration Weights

Class F Calibration Weights No Longer to be Sold for Legal Metrology Use

Posted on February 27, 2020

Rice Lake Weighing Systems specifies that beginning January 1, 2020, Class F calibration weights will no longer be sold for legal metrology use. The newly updated NIST Handbook 105-1 (2019) details new weights for use as field standards placed into service for weights and measures use after this date must comply with all of the requirements of NIST Handbook 105-1 (2019). They also clarify that existing NIST Class F calibration weights in the field will be grandfathered in and may continue to be used for legal metrology use as long as they meet NIST Handbook 105-1 (1990) requirements. The new revision, which supersedes the 1990 version, does allow existing Class F weights’ use.

Why is this changing occurring? In order to accommodate for increasing accuracy of weighing devices used for legal metrology. Class F weights are simply not sufficient for the calibration, inspection, or sealing of weighing devices used for the jewelry, cannabis and pharmaceutical industries.

Again, per Rice Lake, “existing NIST Class F calibration weights may be reclassified to one of the new specifications if all specifications and tolerances fully comply with the alternative standard. However, the NIST Office of Weights and Measures strongly recommends that you do not reclassify existing Class F weights due to the difficulty of performing compliance evaluation.”


Manufacturer:   Rice Lake

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