Commercial Truck Enforcement

Commercial Truck Enforcement

Posted on April 4, 2019

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, a number of street issues including large potholes, cracked concrete and eroded shoulders are evidence of commercial vehicles carrying loads too heavy for the road. Usually the Texas Department of Public Safety is responsible for enforcing trucking rules and regulations; however lawmakers have recently introduced a number of bills granting local police and sheriff departments this authority.

JP Bowlin offers a number of Intercomp products specifically designed for law enforcement agencies. These products include the LP-600 Series, the LS-630 Series and the LP-788 Series. The LS-630 in particular is used worldwide for vehicle screening and enforcement applications due to its portability, its certified accuracy and its versatility of operation in both WIM and static modes.

Per an Intercomp press release, the Kentucky Highway Patrol deployed these portable scale systems to capture commercial vehicle weights for federal compliance and also used them for overweight enforcement. “Kentucky had performance requirements that had to be met by the scale system: Portability for ease of setup, Weigh-In-Motion capability for vehicle screening, NTEP certification for ticketing, and wireless communication for operation at a distance to maintain officer safety.”  – Kentucky Highway Patrol.

Everyone wants safer roads, and safer roads require trucks to carry a proper load. JP Bowlin has the scales to ensure that these trucks are in compliance.


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