Essential Industries Services

Posted on March 26, 2020

J.P. Bowlin Company is a licensed Texas Calibration Service Provider that provides critical products and support services to numerous Essential Industries. Our team is meeting the challenge of providing critical services to our customers in industries as currently defined by governmental orders as Essential within the following sectors:

  • Transportation Industry
  • Medical Sector
  • Food Products Sector
  • Solid Waste Processing Industry
  • Energy Sector
  • National Defense Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector

It is our commitment to continue to serve these Essential Industries in accordance with the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security and within the specific guidelines of the orders issued by state and local governmental agencies. It is our intent to work in partnership with these Essential Industries and businesses as they continue to work to meet the needs of the American people.

It is our pledge to continue to work diligently to protect our employees and the employees of all the clients we serve. We have put in place guidelines to ensure “Social Distancing” and “Hand to Hand Contact” safeguarding our employees and customers. We will continue to constantly review our practices to meet the safety guidelines defined by the CDC, OSHA, and WHO.

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Industries:   Aggregate, Aviation, Chemical, Food / Beverage, Manufacturing, Plastics, Recycling / Waste, Shipping, Transportation & Law Enforcement

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