How Tech is Changing the Nature of Scales

How Tech is Changing the Nature of Scales

Posted on April 2, 2020

Bryan Snyder, systems manager for B-Tek Scales with responsibilities including management of both the software and development teams and software product management, wrote an article for Pit and Quarry entitled “How Tech is Changing the Nature of Scales.”  Snyder details three levels of influence: a view of the entire system; accuracy streamlines processes; service provider partnership. Technology now exists which allows users to see what’s occurring within the entire system, rather than just on one level. As Snyder explains, it is imperative to use a complete digital system in order to view the entire system. Again, as explained by Snyder, today’s technology enables processes to be automated and to alert service providers to potential issues prior to arrival, decreasing downtime.

As Snyder notes, a scale that is not weighing correctly directly impacts both inventory and invoices; JPB’s lost revenue calculator can show you how much you stand to lose. We at JPB echo Snyder’s affirmation that utilizing scale service providers is important. As he states “Having a strong partnership will help you make sure you know about changes, especially because technology is always evolving. Therefore, it’s important that you see your service provider as a proactive problem solver, empowered by data and notifications to correct any issues before the scale goes down.” We at JPB thrive on formulating these partnerships, ensuring that our customers downtime is minimal and that their abilities are maximized. Please let us know how we can assist you with any of your scales and weighing needs.


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