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JP Bowlin Adds Seca

Posted on September 17, 2020

JPB is proud to be a seca distributor. Seca has been working with the same subject matter – medical measuring and weight – since 1840 and is dedicated to providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. Seca scales are found in medical offices, health and wellness facilities, dialysis centers, and hospitals to support weight management, sports medicine, and medical fitness of everyone, from babies in the hospital to wheelchair scales for the elderly; including those annual check-ups with your doctors.  In order to ensure the results are accurate and the scale is weighing correctly, routine and scheduled calibration services are required.  Be assured the results you are providing your patients are exact.  Let JP Bowlin’s calibration services support your seca scales because we are serious about weighing.


Manufacturer:   Seca

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