Metrology Trends

Metrology Trends

Posted on August 1, 2019

There have been a few interesting shifts in metrology as of late. As noted in Metrology News, some major changes have included the following:

  • International Standards – Using international standards allows metrology professionals to perform a wide range of tests using the same machines and calibration standards, which both saves time and impacts the results companies can report to their customers. These standards streamline the process.
  • No More Artifacts – A major shift here has been the switch to measuring the kilogram by Planck’s Constant rather than by a physical object.
  • Reducing Uncertainty Levels – Calibration requires that 1. The forces must be accurate and 2. the measurements need to be stabilized quickly and easily. It is becoming more common for customers to request measurements with a lower uncertainty at a lower force, thus enabling objects of 100 pounds at 25 pounds to be tested by the same machine.

Staying aware and keeping in step with these changes are essential for all metrology providers. At JP Bowlin we are committed to educating our sales staff and our calibration and repair technicians, so they will in turn provide the best service to our customers.


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