09.13.17 - PR 6212

Minebea Intec’s PR 6212 is NTEP approved and FM approved

Posted on September 13, 2017

The new PR 6212 compression load cell from Minebea Intec (previously Sartorius) is a state of the art addition to their tank and hopper lineup that works for nearly any vessel application calling for load cells with capacities of up to 22,000 lbs per tank leg.  They are NTEP approved for legal for trade applications and FM approved for intrinsically safe applications.  There are special epoxy coated versions that offer maximum corrosion resistance which makes them suitable for chemical, food or other harsh industries.  There are also special high temperature versions available which can be used for applications with temperatures up to 180C.  With the Class C1 accuracy of 0.04%, a 15 year warranty and the PR 6012 mounting kits with lift-off protection that make installation quick and easy, you can see why the PR 6212 is leading its class.

Contact the experts at J.P. Bowlin to learn about Minebea Intec’s (formerly Sartorius) load cell and indicator offering for vessels and silos.


Manufacturer:   Minebea Intec

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