Pennsylvania Steel A6600 Aluminum Floor Scale

Pennsylvania Scale’s Aluminum Series

Posted on August 27, 2020

Pennsylvania Scale’s Aluminum Series consisting of A6600 Floor Scales and A6400 Single Point Bench and Floor Platforms are constructed of high-strength, low-weight aluminum to offer lightweight weighing solutions that can withstand demanding industrial applications. Delivering the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, aluminum is less than half the weight of MS or SS, and it resists corrosion commonly caused by air, water, and chemicals. The raw aluminum surface is also sanitary, clean, colorless, and it resists corrosion commonly caused by air, water and chemicals without the need for additional finishing.

The Aluminum Series offers convenient solutions for a wide variety of weighing applications, including rentals, as lightweight platforms are easy to move, relocate, and drill/machine in the field when adding fixtures or unique commodity holders. The design of the Aluminum Series is compatible with other Pennsylvania Scale products, so common parts and accessories are interchangeable with the MS and SS series products, and custom sizes and designs are available without extending delivery time.


Manufacturer:   Pennsylvania Scale

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