Robert Walling

Profiles of Success – Robert Walling

Posted on March 21, 2019

Robert Walling is one of our newest calibration techs at JP Bowlin. He is responsible for testing and calibrating customer scales per Handbook 44. Giving the best customer service possible and job excellence are his priorities. Robert is most satisfied by doing his best to complete the task at hand, fixing the problem and seeing satisfied customers when the job is complete. He is most challenged by diagnosing and fixing the problems in a timely manner. Robert defines himself by his mechanical abilities to work with his hands, his good customer relations and ability to communicate and his positive attitude to do the best job possible. He’s very meticulous and wants everything to be correct. In his spare time Robert enjoys playing with his dogs, shooting at the gun range, going to dinner with his wife and watching good movies. Thanks for everything you do for us at JP Bowlin; you’re an excellent calibration tech!

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