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Profiles of Success – Mayra Gonzalez

Posted on October 4, 2017

For almost a year and a half, Mayra Gonzalez has served as our AMAZING Office Administrator in Fort Worth. She handles tasks from answering the phones to assisting management; she manages all clerical responsibilities from closing out service requests to logging technicians’ timesheets. She also takes care of all payments, collections and petty cash reconciliation. Mayra orders supplies, deals with all expiring and new service agreements (and even quotes and sells these) and updates customer information as needed. She also emails calibration certificates to our customers, enters and provides contract customers with access to the certificate retrieval systems, updates work order reports, assists technicians with forms and attends to any and all customer requests. As if she’s not busy enough, she provides great customer service with a smile.

Mayra finds the most rewarding part of her job to be the feeling of accomplishment. Knowing that “there are so many things to complete to ensure that the office personnel and customers are all taken care of while expectations are met, that when I step back to look at the big picture, I realize that because of my commitment, tasks got done! The satisfaction of knowing that my grain of salt contributed feels GREAT!” While being an Office Administrator is challenging enough (just look at the aforementioned list of responsibilities), Mayra finds that unexpected assignments often cause time constraints with her daily routine. Her solution is to identify the importance and urgency of each and to prioritize accordingly.

Mayra is defined by her flexibility – she rolls with the punches and is able to handle anything coming her way by adapting and improvising, her organization and follow-through attitude – by staying organizing and prioritizing her tasks, everything is completed in a timely manner; quite simply if something is assigned to her, she completes it, and her overwhelming optimism – as the first customer contact whether on the phone or in person, she excels at putting people at ease with her natural positivity and warm demeanor, and she always retains a “happy face” regardless of how she feels on the inside.

Outside of the office, Mayra enjoys spending time with her kids Carlos and Zayra, who she affectionately references as the two little people who make her world go round. On her “me” time, she crafts, tries new recipes and reads.

Thanks again for all you do for us Mayra!

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