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Quick Tips

Quick Tips From Fairbanks Scales

Posted on April 11, 2019

Some quick tips from our friends at Fairbanks Scales:

  • Getting incorrect weight results from your Fairbanks Bench Scale? You may be dealing with mechanical bind: check for debris under the platform, as well as for objects leaning against the platform.
  • If the tank or vessel of your Fairbanks Weighing Assembly rocks from side to side, check that all mounting hardware has proper torque and is free from physical damage.
  • If the zero key does not respond on your Bench Scale, check to ensure it is in “gross weighing mode.”
  • Is your Railroad Scale returning inaccurate weights? The first step is to ensure that the space between the deck edge, pit coping, and rails is free of material which could jam the deck.
  • If your Fairbanks Scales printer is printing garbled characters, first check the baud rate setting on switches or internal program printout; another issue could be incorrect emulation settings.


Manufacturer:   Fairbanks Scales

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