Strength Testing Masks

Strength Testing Masks

Posted on May 27, 2021

Over the last year not only us at JPB but people everywhere have become much more accustomed to wearing masks. But masks have been heavily used by medical staff all over the world for decades. Testing the strength of the ties of the masks is essential to guaranteeing that medical masks are safe to use and will prevent the wearer from contamination. Standards like the GB / T19083-2010 ensure that the ties will withstand not only the force used when the mask is applied but also the force needed to keep said mask in place.

JPB manufacturer Ametek offers a number of products that are well adapted for medical production environments. The LS Series in combination with the NEXYGENPlus materials testing software perform tensile , compression, peel and bend tests and have been used for testing medical devices and masks for decades. Various Vice Grips are also used to attach the tie of the medical mask as well as to attach the mask itself. Read more about how these tests are conducted, then contact JPB for all of your force measurement needs.


Manufacturers:   Ametek / Chatillon, Ametek / Lloyd Instruments

Applications:   International Standards – Medical Devices, Medical Device Testing Solutions, Pharmaceutical Testing Solutions, Tensile Testing

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