truck scale overhaul

Truck Scale Overhaul

Posted on October 1, 2020

Recently our outstanding team performed a truck scale overhaul for the City of Garland. The first image below shows the scale sitting in the mud, rendering it impossible to clean the scales. The slope for drainage was incorrect and did not allow for a space for the dirt and water to go as the scales were too close to the ground. There was not any concrete on one side of the scale, only dirt and weeds. The side road was higher than the washout slab, and there was a beam on the ground on the other side, so cleaning wasn’t possible from this side either.

The customer experienced major issues with load cells as well as scale component issues including load scales, causing inaccurate weighing.

Our team removed the scales and raised the foundation and the washout slab. We then raised the bean eight inches off the ground for access and installed new load cells with load cups. The deck plate bolts were redone as most of these were stripped. We then removed the rust and repainted. The walkways besides the scales were also redone. Despite recent rain storms, there was no standing water under the scales, and the scales are performing better than they have previously.

The customer was unable to shut down so our team performed the work on Friday night and all day Saturday. Congratulations to our team for another successful truck scale overhaul!

We at JPB thrive on creative solutions; let us know how we can assist with your truck scale overhaul or any other scale or weighing needs.



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