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Weighing System for Trucks Installed in Israel

Posted on October 24, 2019

Calcalist reports that Highway 6, Israel’s longest road, will install a weighing system for trucks, as part of a pilot program meant to reduce lethal traffic accidents involving trucks. This system will automatically weigh all trucks traversing Highway 6 which connects the northern Galilee region with the southern Negev desert.

This system will weigh the trucks as they drive, preventing traffic interruptions.  Drivers who infringe on the legal weight limits will then be signaled to pull over at an enforcement checkpoint and fined. This pilot program is part of a program aimed at reducing lethal traffic accidents involving trucks. Estimated costs are NIS 2 million (approximately $567,000) and are scheduled to being operations in the second quarter of 2020.

In an interview with Calcalist, Hilla Haddad, deputy head of the Infrastructure and Development unit at the ministry, said, “We want to use technology to get to everyone. A truck that is overweight has trouble braking and is at risk of turning over. An accident involving a truck not only costs lives but also creates traffic jams that translate into millions of shekels in damages to the local industry.”


Industry:   Transportation & Law Enforcement

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