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B-TEK DD 1050 Options

Posted on May 2, 2016

Serial Output Card

  • A card that makes it possible to manage two extra serial outputs in addition to the two already provided
    • RS232, RS422 and RS485 formats
    • Programmable Baud Rate

Input/Output Card

  • Each card provides up to 8 inputs and 12 outputs in addition to those already provided with the standard terminal
  • Input: optical isolation, Vmax 5 VDC, for clean contacts or NPN transistors
  • Output: Optomos, Vmax 24 VAC/DC, Imax 190 mA

Profibus Connection Card

  • Profibus DP functionality
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Data rate from 9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s

Wireless Communication Device

  • 802.11b WiFi data transmission device
  • UMTS/GPRS/GSM MODEM for remote wireless management

User Identification Device

  • Optic, magnetic or radio frequency devices

Digital/Analog Card

  • Optional multifunctional card, particular useful for process control
    • 1 x 0-10V / 4-20 mA analog output
    • 4 x Fmax 2kHz pulse counter inputs
    • 1 x 0-10V / 4-20 mA analog inputs

Weighing Machine Interface Card

  • Internal resolution up to one million points
  • Conversion speed up to 100 reading per second
  • 10 VDC load cell power supply
  • Configurable digital filters
  • RS485 interface with dedicated protocol
  • Digital load cell diagnostic management system (conversion, power, temperature, etc.)
  • Software correction for eccentric loads


Manufacturer:   B-Tek Scales

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