A&D Weighing GX/GF Options

Posted on September 20, 2016
  • RS-232C interface
  • Quick USB interface (optional)
  • Analog output (optional)
  • Current loop output (optional)
  • Comparator output with a buzzer (optional)
  • GX-02: Quick USB interface with cable
  • GX-04: Comparator output with a buzzer/RS-232C/Current loop output
  • GX-06: Analog output/Current loop output
  • GX-10: Glass breeze break for the pan size of 128 mm × 128 mm
  • GX-11: Glass breeze break for the pan size of 165 mm × 165 mm
  • GX-12: Animal weighing pan (not applicable for GX/GF-200)
  • GX-13: Density determination kit (for the pan size of 128 mm × 128 mm only)* Only one of GX-02, GX-04, GX-06 or the standard RS-232C can be used
  • ** GX-04 and GX-06 are factory-installed options.



Manufacturer:   A & D Weighing

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