non ferrous extrusions

Quality Assurance Purchase Manager at Non-Ferrous Extrusions

Posted on March 3, 2021

We don’t usually include the entire message, just the direct testimonial, but this one was too good not to do so.

“So, you are the Metrology Service Administrator. So I suppose you are the one I should send complaints to about your Service Technicians.  Well here goes. I have absolutely no complaints about Travis. He did an outstanding job, he went above and beyond on giving me advice about our PLC Age Oven and our Rockwell Hardness Tester.

Since you have to listen to complaints, I figure you deserve to hear when you guys do a good job too. Thank you Sadie for all that you and your company do to help my company.”

Quality Assurance Purchase Manager at Non-Ferrous Extrusions



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