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PDQ Scale White Paper

Posted on June 26, 2017

An Area Sales Manager (ASM) had developed a relationship with a local pipe company and uncovered an opportunity to help them with a scale solution. The pipe manufacturer had no means to confirm product / shipping weight. They were purchasing steel coils based on weight so they needed a scale to confirm the weight of the coils. This was not going to be a simple solution as it required an unusual nonstandard capacity coil scale and their need was extremely urgent—coils were already ordered and on their way! If the customer could not find a solution, and fast, this pipe manufacturer would be left with two unattractive options:

• They could take the steel coil manufacturer’s word for the weight of each coil—a 1% error would cost approximately $121,000.
• They could pay a port holding fee for these coils until a scale was installed—up to $12,000 a day.

Read more about how Fairbanks used the Aegis Coil Scale to assist.

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