Balances – Precision

Precision balances are commonly used when accuracy and repeatability are important, but when an analytical balance is not necessary.  Precision balances can be used in production, quality control or laboratory and R&D environments.  We offer a variety of balances with different features, capacities and price points from great brands like Sartorius, Shimadzu, A&D and Ohaus.  We also handle the warranty work locally when the balance is purchased through JP Bowlin!

Sartorius – Quintix Precision Balance

The Sartorius Quintix® makes your routine lab work easy with our revolutionary user interface.

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Sartorius – Practum Precision Balance

Get best value for your money, without compromises in precision and reliability. Rely on consistent readings and excellent repeatability ensured by Sartorius quality and technology developed and designed in Germany.

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Sartorius – Secura Precision Balance

Secura® balances are designed for customers who work in regulated environments and need high-quality results without any risk!

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Sartorius – Cubis Precision Balances

Cubis® is the new benchmark, setting the standards for all others to follow. The Cubis® modular equipment series, consisting of display and control units, weighing modules and draft shields, interface modules and an extensive line of accessories, enables you to customize your Cubis® balance to meet your specific requirements for any weighing task. Offered in a choice of three display and control units, Cubis® meets the requirements of different operating concepts and covers the entire range of laboratory applications.

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Shimadzu – TX/TXB Series

The Shimadzu TX/TXB Series has a light, strong, high-quality design can be operated by batteries. Its performance to allows quick weighing of smaller objects anywhere and creates weighing enjoyment.

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A&D – FX-i/FX-iWP Series

The FX-i incorporates the reduced size Compact Super-Hybrid Sensor (SHS), which provides quick (one second) readings with high precision. The FX-iWP is the first Water proof/Dust proof, 0.001 g compact precision balance.

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A&D – GF Series

Our revolutionary and patented Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology improves response speed to one second and minimizes maintenance costs. SHS combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load sensing technologies.

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Ohaus Pioneer PX

Designed for applications that require intelligent operation, the Pioneer PX comes equipped with a bright backlit display for clear viewing of weighing results, a second line display that provides additional guidance to the user, a static removal bar to discharge any accumulated static charge to increase accuracy in weighing results, and RS-232 and USB ports to connect to PCs and peripherals.
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